Artisanne Noir: How Can the Pieces Be Used?

Next up in our series introducing Artisanne Noir, we answer how the pieces can be used.

The beauty of the range is that it is versatile both in terms of styling and functionality; the large serving bowls and platters in particular can make a real statement - it's hard to comprehend the sheer size of them, but needless to say they're absolutely perfect for any sort of cuisine or sharing platters - from a dessert platter, through to serving up fresh fruit.



The monochrome medley of patterns are designed to be layered together, and will even match perfectly with dinner services you might already own - meaning you don't have to break the bank to freshen up your table! The pieces can be styled in individual ways to 'wow' your guests, but also to bring a lot of fun and creativity into shaping your own tablescape. 



If you'd like to hear Sara talk a little more about how the pieces can be used, head on over to our Instagram.

The full Artisanne Noir range can be shopped here.