Ready, set, go….! Time to discover our brand-new Tahiti stationery range

Sharpen up your pencils and get your notebooks at the ready for what promises to be the year of perfecting your organizational skills and accomplishing new goals.

At Sara Miller London, we have decided to go all ‘Marie Kondo’ on you by launching a unique range of beautifully decorative stationery with exotic and tropical patterns. Stunning wild animals such as zebras, lemur, cockatoo and our all-time favourite friend the flamingo, which will soon liven up your everyday essentials.

Whether you are a busy mum, a working professional or a lady of leisure, an organised mind is as important as an organised home. If like us, technology makes you a little uncomfortable at times, you’ll tend to favour the good old notepad and sticky notes which you can bring with you on your daily adventures and use to unleash your creativity anytime and anywhere.

In 2019, we suggest finding happiness in the little things and saving yourself some time for what truly makes you smile by prioritising tasks and setting yourself deadlines. Our sophisticated stationery products are a ‘must-have’ for keeping on track of never-ending to-do lists and achieving results. And if that wasn’t good enough, the Tahiti colourful patterns will make you stand out from the crowd whether you’re on the go or at your desk.

Warning: our Tahiti collection might very well make you want to release your wild side and make tangible changes to your life by…

- Becoming the queen of your own kingdom with our flamingo organiser, embellished with gorgeous foil details which you can take out and about.

- Delegating tasks to your other half with our cockatoo magnetic jotters, ideal for sticking onto the family fridge.

- Motivating your troops to declutter with our rainforest lemur storage box, perfect for all types of spaces.

- Keeping your pens safe in animal friendly pencil cases in zebra and lemur prints.

- Always having your travelcard at your fingertips with our pocket friendly card holders featuring exquisite lemurs and enchanting gardens.

- Shining bright in never-ending meetings with our stunning notebooks with gold bindings.

- Saving money on overpriced high street coffees whilst helping the planet with our reusable flamingo flasks.

And in case all of this isn’t enough to ‘reclaim your time’ and lead a happier and more productive life, there will always be our beautiful postcards to stay in touch with your loved ones.