The Tahiti Collection

The Tahiti Collection showcases a striking range of vibrant and eye-catching designs with layers of tropical foliage inspired by Hawaiian nights, featuring charming and playful lemurs, zebras, cockatoos and all-time favourites flamingos. Celebrating their ever-growing love of print, pattern and colour, the stylish fine china collection is a great addition to your home.

  1. Lemur Teapot
    Lemur Teapot
    Price: £55.00
  2. Cockatoo Mug
    Cockatoo Mug
    Price: £15.50
  3. Zebra Mug
    Zebra Mug
    Price: £15.50
  4. Flamingo Mug
    Flamingo Mug
    Price: £15.50
  5. Lemur Mug
    Lemur Mug
    Price: £15.50

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