The perfect combination of practical and stylish, our roller blinds will refresh and transform your space whilst helping to maintain privacy and control light in your home.

Within our luxurious range, you’ll find two of our signature prints. Vivid and versatile, our Green Birds and White Bamboo Ready-made Roller Blinds are ideal for both contemporary and more traditionally designed homes.  


The positioning of your blind is personal preference. Although roller blinds are typically installed inside the window frame, they can also sit outside the window frame or above the window. Make sure that you determine where you would like to install the blind before buying the blind.

  1. Measure the space. Use a tape measure to measure the distance of the space that you would like to blind to be secured in. Measure horizontally from one point to the other point.
  2. Once you have determined the measurement of the space, you can purchase the roller blind that best fits the space that you have measured. If the size you require does not match the available blind sizes exactly, opt for a larger blind and the roller blind can always be cut to fit the space.



Decide on the placement of the chain and which side of the blind you would like it to hang down.

Determine which way you want the blind to roll. The blind can either roll under or over the roller. Typically, the blind is positioned so that it rolls under the roller. However, if you have objects that protrude from the window, you may decide to roll the blind over the roller. This way, the blind will not be obstructed when it is pulled down over the window.


Please read the instructions that come with your blinds thoroughly and carefully before installing your blinds.

  • If your blind is too large for the window, you will need to cut it to fit the space required.
  • Remove the blind from the roller. Measure the amount of blind that you need to remove. Draw a line all the way up the blind’s fabric with a pencil. Cut vertically up the fabric. Reattach the fabric to the roller.
  • Measure the space one more time to verify the measurements before making any cuts to the blind.
  • When securing the fabric back on the roller, it is important to make sure that the fabric is secured perfectly horizontally. If not, the fabric will not roll correctly on the roller.
  • Using a hand drill, secure the brackets that came with the roller blind either ‘top fix’ to the ceiling or ‘face fix’ to the wall.
  • Make sure that the brackets are screwed in tightly to prevent the blind from falling.
  • Hang the blind on the brackets. Fit the idle end of the roller blind into the bracket with a small circular hole and push it gently into the bracket. You’ll notice that a spring tension on the idle end will push inwards. Make sure that you are following the instructions that are provided with your roller blind to ensure proper installation.
  • Attach the chain to the wall. Secure the chain to the wall with the screws provided. Use a hand drill for best results. 
  • To allow your blind to raise or fall, pull the chain and adjust blind to the desired level.
  • Please ensure you do not continue pulling the chain once the blind is fully retracted as this will damage the rail and will not allow the blind to operate correctly.
  • If you need to remove the blind from the brackets, hold the control end and lift the bracket whilst pushing the idle end spring inwards. This will release the blind.


If pull cords, chains, tapes that form part of a blind become wrapped around a child’s neck it is possible for children to be strangled in the loops.

To avoid the risk of harm to children always:

  1. Keep blind cords out of the reach of children (at least 1.5 metres above floor).
  2. Cords, chains and tapes should be properly secured to the wall and remain tight and use the safety device supplied.
  3. Do not tie cords together. Make sure cords do not twist and create a loop.
  4. Move beds, cots, bookcases and all furniture away from windows with blinds installed to make sure children cannot access the window blind by climbing.
  5. Check blinds and cords regularly and replace if they become faulty. Be aware that the release of small parts can cause a child to choke if swallowed.


      Our blinds are supplied with a child safety device to affix the blind chain to the wall, making this blind safe in line with the new child safety regulations outlined in BS EN13120.

      Install and use the included safety devices according to the installation instructions to reduce possibility of such an accident.

      In order to comply with BS EN13120, the chain must be fitted a minimum of 1500mm (1.5m) from the floor.

      Please retain the instructions and test the device if not used regularly and replace it if it becomes faulty.


      Children can strangle if this safety device is not installed. Always use this device to keep cords or chains out of reach of children.


      Please note roller blinds are non-returnable and cannot be cancelled once ordered. Only complete the checkout process once you are happy with your selection.

      Our roller blinds are dispatched from a separate warehouse via a specialist delivery service. All orders containing roller blinds will be subject to a £7.00 shipping fee. If your order contains any other item an additional shipping charge will be added to your order to cover shipping from an alternative warehouse and this item(s) will arrive separately. Free delivery is excluded from roller blind orders. Unfortunately at this time we are unable to deliver roller blinds outside of the UK. Please allow 3-5 working days for roller blind delivery.